Monday, 14 November 2016

Spinnaker pole repair

This winter is focused on sails and running rigging:  new lines, two sails, a few other items.   One of which is the spinnaker pole, which I believe was original.  Its issues are plain to see:  It was damaged by being pressed against the baby stay at some point in its life, and the topping lift bridle is well past its retirement date.

How can I straighten the bend in the tube, and possibly (somewhat) press out the dent?

Tubing is anodized AL, 3" o.d., .080" wall, 2.83"I.d..   

This pole had no lower bridle.  Some do.  Should this one have one?


Was quoted around C$250 for a replacement anodized tube from a local chandler, but in a rare flash of inspiration I remembered an automotive tool called a pipe expander - meant for dealing with steel exhaust tubing.   C$35 later I was able to do a passable job removing the dent using an el cheapo  tubing expander from Princess Auto.  Misted it with silver paint as well, just 'cuz.

So far, have replaced the shock cord as can be seen above.  See tools and some detail below.

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